Sophia Rising

Awakening Your Sacred Wisdom Through Yoga

Sophia (Greek: wisdom). It’s not elusive or something reserved for the enlightened. It’s that still, quiet voice you either heed or ignore. The choice is yours to make in each moment. It’s my hope that you’ll spend a moment or two here with me, soaking up and sharing ideas on how we all awaken our own sacred wisdom. We’ll explore yoga, not only in the physical mode, but in the holistic fashion in which it was meant to be experienced. Visit my blog, Sophia’s Whispers, to enter into a dialog on what this looks like in our everyday lives or order my book on the subject.

If music is the way your pray, take advantage of this free download of Shellee Coley’s new song Wait for It, an anthem for those who find pew book hymns no longer feed our souls. Shellee’s molten voice cocoons us in mystery while we wait for it, even when—especially when—we haven’t a clue what “it” is. This meditation-put-to-music steadies my steps as I stagger toward the light. I have found it to be a true companion for living into the questions rather than the answers. 


The Sisterhood of the Misunderstood Jesus

by Monette Chilson

Sisters, for far too long, you have been preached to about a God who is called Father, but never Mother. About a Jesus who called men, but not women, as his disciples. You have taken these words, spoken as they were from holy stations, into your hearts. They have shaped you and just may have kept you from fully living God’s grand and glorious plan for you. Continue reading

Excerpted from the newly released anthology Jesus, Muhammad and the Goddess.












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